Lucien Price

Dialogues of Alfred North Whitehead

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En Anglais – Philospher, mathematician & general man of science, Whitehead was a polymath whose interests & sympathies encompassed entire worlds. Here, modelled on Eckermann’s conversations with Goethe & recorded in Whitehead’s own home, are some of the landmarks, signposts, milestones & scenery of that extraordinary mind. His approach to life & science provides a compass for the modern world. In these pages the reaches of his thought–in philosophy, religion, science, statesmanship, education, literature, art & conduct of life–are gathered & edited by the writer Lucien Price, a journalist whose own interests were as eclectic as Whitehead’s & whose memory for verbatim conversation was nothing short of miraculous. The scene, the Cambridge of Harvard from 1932-47 (with flashbacks to London, Cambridge, England & his native Ramsgate in Kent); the cast, often eminent men & women, who join him for these penetrating, audacious & exhilarating verbal forays. The subjects range from the homeliest details of living to the greatest ideas that have animated minds over the past 30 centuries. Featuring a new preface & an introduction–previously unavailable in this country–this book stands alongside Boswell’s as a model of biography, shaped jointly by the acuity of the biographer & the genius of the subject. It also stands as an accessible monument to a mind that never stopped working, a man whose life & career no writer could have invented & no serious reader can afford to overlook.

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